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Christmas is Coming...Thank God for Knitting!

Happy Friday Everyone!
I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Holiday Season! We certainly are. But folks, let me tell you. Thank God for the calming factors of Knitting. Seriously. I will get into that in a minute but let me show you where I am currently at with my new design that has brought me sanity over the last couple of days...

It's actually much larger than this now. This was just the last picture I took of it. No sense in continuing to take pic after pic of it, they all look the same! I am beyond pleased with how this is turning out. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see this thing blocked. I think it will really bring out the movement of the design and the detailed edging I put on this. I'm so happy with it! Its really the only thing I've been working on. Its taking a little longer than the other two shawls I did this year because its lace on the front and back sides rather than there being a purl "rest row." The yarn is Anzula Luxury Fibers. The rel…

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