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Finished Knitting, a New Design...& Thanksgiving!

Happy Sunday friends! 
Thanksgiving is upon us. This coming Thursday as a matter of fact. For the first time ever, our family is going OUT for Thanksgiving! We are all pretty excited about it. It was something my Mother really wanted to do this year. Not having to worry about shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Instead, we are going to Mimi's Cafe! My Aunt Betty has been going there for years and has always said its quite lovely. Our family (which includes the three of us, Dilshani, Dan and their son Kamal, and also Kathie and Marni). These people are all family to us and having been sitting around our Thanksgiving table for many years now. Really, nothing has changed but the location of where we are breaking bread together. Together. That's the most important part. It doesn't matter where we gather, just that we are gathered together. Marni has always been the one who has made pies for dessert. She and Kathie are gluten-free and they make their pies with gluten free pie cr…

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