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Placitas Lace Wrap!!

It was a long journey to get to this point, but I made it. Finally. Placitas Lace Wrap is now Live on Ravelry! This will be just a short post with pictures for y'all. 
Placitas, New Mexico is a small mountain town north of Albuquerque. This Lace Wrap is dedicated to a period of time in my knitting life which has come to a close. Our very dear friend Frankie had been in the process of moving to California for quite some time. The week I finished this wrap, their house sold and we spent our final afternoon knitting in her beautiful Placitas home. Within mere days of this my knitting family learned that the owner of the Anasazi Fields Winery of Placitas, where we would often retreat to knit and where our local World Wide Knit In Public Day was held for many years, had suddenly passed away. It felt right to name this Lace Wrap after a place that holds so many fond knitting memories. Change is good and it always allows us to grow, but memories last a lifetime! If you follow me on Faceb…

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