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Scotland & EYF 2019!!

Hello, my friends!
I really wanted to take the time to share with you our Scotland trip that Mom and I took from mid to the end of March. It was simply amazing! This trip had been planned for almost a year so there was a lot of anticipation build up. Because I have Scottish ancestry,  going to Scotland has always appealed to me. In the months leading up to the trip, we shopped for things we needed to take on the trip. I needed a good winter/wind coat, and a cross body bag to take. I couldn't really take any of the bags I normally carry. I also bought a pair of good boots. After months of preparation, we were ready to go!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, one of the things I was required to get prior to leaving was a passport. My passport arrived in the mail just one week prior to leaving! What I had to go through to get it was crazy. I have a different legal name now. (I do have an old passport that would get turned in with my request for a new one.) This made things quite complicate…

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