UFO's, we all have them...

UFO's. We all have them...some more than others. 

I think I have about 16-18 projects on the needles right now but about 4-5 I'm actively working because they really need to be finished for various reasons. I really admire those people who start a project, work solely on that project through completion before casting on something new. I cant do that. Ever. And I blame Ravelry. If it weren't for the ability to see so many brand new fantastic patterns out there everyday I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now, or my Mom, or several of my friends. I thought I would share some of my most critical UFO's at the moment. If you see me Tuesday night's you've likely seen these. Please help me. Give me reasons why I need to finish these items...I need to hear encouragement rather than to see new patterns that will surely lead me astray.

Pattern is Sweet Peasy by Heidi Kirrmaier done in KnitPicks Swisk DK on a US 6

This is Savannah's Sweater. This is the very first garment I have ever done in my whole life. Several months ago I was encouraged by a close friend who is a national knitting judge to "expand my knitting experience" to include garments, regardless of how absolutely terrified I am of them. Shawls are easy. Lace shawls are easy. Designing shawls has been easy for me. But garment work? Not so much. I mean, I get the pattern and the basics of how this is all supposed to go together but I am a novice in the garment department. It was suggested that I begin with a child's sweater rather than be totally overwhelmed at a garment for myself that I a) may not like when its finished and b) just sank $5,028.50 into the attempt only to realize I hate it or it doesn't fit the way I would like it to. I figured I was safe with a kids sweater. My friend Lisa's daughter Ariane was a step mom to a wonderful kid named Savannah. I love that child and her family enough to make this attempt and so far, I'm doing fantastically well if I do say so myself. I'm so tickled that the 2nd sleeve is about done and I'm almost on to the rest of the body. Soon it will be time to choose some rad buttons and finish her off! I let this sit dormant for a bit for reasons only knitters could possibly understand. I didn't like where I joined the first sleeve and I thought if I ignored it long enough it would just go away. It didn't. Well, news of all news, Ariane is pregnant! It occurred to me that I really need to finish this sweater before Savannah grows out of it and before there is a new baby to knit for. This is why Savannah's Sweater MUST be finished! I'll never admit to how fond I am of this little sweater.

Pattern is Bermuda by Ilga Leja done in KnitPicks Chroma on US 7

This is my Bermuda. It took my long enough to jump on the Bermuda band wagon and it feels like its taking me even longer to finish it. I have discontinued using the pattern and am completely free forming it on my own now...definitely part of what makes this fun. I would like to finish this because I would like to actually wear it someday. I LOVE the colors and there are so many things it will go with...I just need to actually finish this. Mom is now making a Bermuda and there is a good chance she could finish hers before I finish mine. Of all the work that I have done I have really very few wearable pieces. Most have been given away. It wasn't until I started designing myself that I retained these shawls in my own wardrobe. So this one is all about having another piece to add to my collection...another shawl to wear. And no doubt about it, the design is a show stopper. But then again, it was designed by the genius that is Ilga Leja.

This is my design Kerala knit in Hollywick Farms alpaca/nylon fingering weight on US 6

This is my latest design Kerala that I absolutely cannot wait to finish. I am working with cables in my own designs for the first time and am loving them! This will have a fantastic lace border with another cable incorporated into it. The sooner I can finish this the sooner I can put it up for sale in my Ravelry and Craftsy shops. I don't like to go much longer than about a month and a half between pattern releases and its been a little longer than that for this one. Partially because I had another design that was submitted to Interweave with the hopes of it begin published in one of their mags. Unfortunately, it was declined. I will continue to send submissions to so I want to always have one ahead of the game. If Kerala meets any deadlines for submissions anywhere, I will continue to make my attempts. (I am almost done with the large size of the Scottsdale Shawl and it will have its own blog post when I release the pattern.) I cannot say enough about this incredible yarn from Hollywick Farms. The color struck me immediately and it leaped into my hands and demanded to go home with me from Taos 2013. The colors are slightly different than what you see here. The true colors are of turmeric, cumin, coriander and a nice curry sauce. It was all about spices for this shawl. I look forward to getting this finished and released or submitted to another magazine. Either way, I can accomplish neither unless I finish it!

My own pattern, a seed stitch basket weave in 50/50 angora & corridale lamb from Rio Fernando Farms on US 6

See that halo? Finishing this is so I can hopefully wear it this winter. Who wouldn't want that lovely soft angora wrapped around their neck when its really cold outside?? I have plenty more of this yarn and plan to make some fingerless mitts to go with it. This is a simple basket weave pattern with a seed stitch border and seed stitch squares up the center. I love the simplicity of this and cannot wait to finish it. I want so badly to have this scarf for the upcoming cold weather. Its that simple. 

So yes everyone, I suspect most of us have UFO's. Some more than others. The other 12 or 13 projects are tucked away and perhaps at some point in the future you'll see those too. I'd love to hear about your UFO's and whats topping your list of things to finish! Are you a person who has a lot of UFO's or do you complete one project before moving on to another one?


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