Race Against Time ...

So, the other day I'm knitting along in the morning and all of a sudden Mom gets an email trail that should've gone to me but somehow landed in her lap. Our next Guild meeting is on March 8th and the email stemmed from the person who was scheduled to do our program for this next meeting. Only she sent it to people that I'm not even sure how she got their email addresses. I'm suspicious of one but then it all got sent to my Mom too. Years ago my Mom was president of our local Guild, then vice, then treasurer, our Fiber Arts Council contact, and the newsletter editor, etc etc. She essentially ran the Guild for a long time. Whenever people have questions they all invariably go to her regardless of who the current board is because people know that regardless of their question or issue, if they send it to my Mom their email will get to the correct place. So, long story short, our scheduled program presenter is not able to present to us on the 8th. I learned about this on the 1st. I had some scrambling to do and I had to do it quick, fast, and in a hurry. The 1st, this past Saturday, was also the day that Mom, Frankie and Betty were all going to Santa Fe to go yarning and lunching. And I couldn't go. Well, I could've gone but I really, really needed to handle what just got dumped in my lap. I got a cup of coffee and opened up my laptop at about 9:30am. During the course of the day I had sent out fourteen emails addressing the situation, and other Guild matters, and searching for another program. By the time I closed my laptop at around 3:30 I had a new program lined up which, of all the things I addressed that day, was the most important thing. And I am SO excited about this. All in all it worked out very well, We have an awesome program for the 8th and I moved our original March program to December which means the entire year is already mapped out and my job of finding and scheduling interesting programs for the Guild, as well as an April workshop with the one and only Galina Khmeleva of Skaska Designs, is done. Honestly, this is a good feeling. It is an important job and I'm glad to have it all mapped out already. This is my second, and last, year of being the Program Director for the Albuquerque Dropped Stitch Knitters Guild! I remember last year I was flying by the seat of my pants, literally. I wasn't sure what I was doing from one month to the next! We ended up with a great year and I had wonderful compliments from people about the programs that I planned. The biggest compliment being from people who rejoined the Guild because of the program schedule. In any event, I learned from last year and did not want to go about it like that again! When I decided I would take over the position for a second year I went to work immediately searching, emailing and scheduling programs right away. And by the first of February I had all but December lined up. With the scheduling conflict we just had I now have that filled as well, yippee! 

So let me tell you about the program that we have lined up for the March 8th meeting! In this post here I wrote about the Wooly Wonka trunk show at Village Wools which, good for me, coordinated with my Birthday! I had worked with Anne of Wooly Wonka last year when we collaborated on a shawl design. At the trunk show it was nice to actually get a chance to meet her. We had been following each others work on Ravelry and through her blog (I read hers but don't know if she reads mine). Meeting her was like meeting an old friend you haven't seen for a very long time. We chatted and chatted and chatted. It was really wonderful getting to know her. When I got into this crunch of needing a program I thought "man, Anne would make an AWESOME program for us!" The only question...was she available and would she be interested in presenting to us? She was!! So Anne of Wooly Wonka Fibers is going to be doing our program for us! She is going to be talking about how she got into the fiber business to begin with, how and when she started designing her own line, and she has a 2nd book about to come out too. She is going to bring yarn and roving to sell too! I am so excited about this. It will be almost like another trunk show for her but more focused. I cant wait! She is also going to bring several of her designs and patterns as well!!

Because I had to address all the Guild stuff and miss out on a yarning trip to Santa Fe, Mom got me some yarn. She felt sorry for me. Not just because I couldn't go with them but I had so much to deal with. I love my Mom so much. She is such an awesome lady. I strive to be like her when I grow up but I fear I may never come close. She's an amazing woman. Here is a pic of the yarn she got me!

It is Dream In Color 8 ply Everlasting Sock in the colorway Rain Cloud. Isn't it GORGEOUS!?! I absolutely love it. It sort of looks like the color of washed out denim jeans. I just love it. I have been lusting over the Dream In Color Everlasting Sock for a long time now. There isn't anything not to like about it. The color work of everything they do is absolutely amazing. Thank you Mom, I LOVE IT!!

With Audrey in the house now it seems like all we do is take pictures of her and for me, post them on facebook. She is an exceptionally photogenic little girl, and sweet. So sweet. Here are some of the latest pictures...

I'm far enough into the border on my latest shawl that I cannot share that here on my blog. I posted a pic a while back on facebook so most of my knitting friends have seen it. Because its a collaboration I don't want to put too much of it out there. I'm hoping to see it released in about a month or so. My partner in this project, Phydeaux Designs and Yarn, will test knit it, photograph it and so on. I'm just hoping that there are no issues and that we can look for an April release. I'm super excited about it!

Mom had a few errands to run this morning, one of which was to an endodontist that she was referred to by our dentist to have a problem evaluated. The short of it is that she needs an implant, its in the bottom front, and she's quite nervous about it. I can only imagine. I have such a phobia of dentists myself. Yesterday I had a crown and 2 replacement fillings done and that was no fun at all I tell you. No fun. And we have the best dentist in town. He is fabulous...the problem is me. I have to take anti-anxiety pills before going so I don't rip off the arms of the dental chair I'm in while having the work done. Anyway, mom had to have this evaluation this morning and she passed by the Vet Specialty Hospital that we had taken Kona to on his last day and she came home with this...

Kona's ashes. It brought it all back to me for a moment and I cried while pouring my second cup of coffee. Kona will be tucked away and I will let Mom know where so should anything happen to me, Kona goes with me. I wasn't sad for too long. How can you be with Audrey Grace staring up at you like this?

When we first brought Audrey home, one of the things they told us was to make sure she didn't get over stimulated right away. Toys and catnip needed to wait until she was really fully acclimated with the house and all of us. Well, today was toy day! We unwrapped the 2 toys that had catnip in them and let her have them. SHE LOVED THEM! She played and batted them all over the front room here. It was so cute to see. It was just good to know that she really is truly happy here in her forever home....

She is so photogenic....

Tonight is knitting night and I need to start preparing for that. Mom will be home in about an hour and half to pick me up for the evenings adventures. I will leave you all with one final Audrey pic...

I hope you are all doing well and having a nice start to your week. Whatever stresses you may be having, don't forget to stop and knit. It is proven to be truly therapeutic! Until next time....Knit On!


  1. Oh my goodness.....I'm so jealous of the workshop you talked about for April! Wish I could beam myself there. The yarn you posted looks absolutely beautiful and your brand new kitty is very photogenic. My favorite is the one with the sun coming through the blinds....that would make a beautiful painting! If I ever get myself to New Mexico, I am coming to visit you and your mom! My baby sister Jackie continues to make progress in her recovery from her breast cancer surgery. She is busy with a new job, thank God for that, and getting back into a routine and establishing self-sufficiency again. I treasure the photo of her wearing the lace scarf of your design. She said it was always something soft and warm to hang onto and fell asleep with it for comfort the night she had received it. Your good energy continues to go out through your designs and creativity. Thank you once again and I continue to follow you on Ravelry, too. I am enjoying your blog. JoanieM

    1. Joanie,
      Thank you so much for the continued compliments about To Whom It May Concern. I am so happy that it brings comfort to your sister. I am SOOOO happy to hear about how well she is doing! That is marvelous. Should you make your way to the gateway of the southwest, give me a shout and you can meet up with us at our Tues evening knit night! Maybe so a little dinner, that would be wonderful!
      We are all looking forward To Galina's workshop so much. I cannot wait for her to get here and to be able to see her again. Its been too long. She and her husband George are friends but their schedule keeps them busy year round. They no longer go to the Taos Wool Festival or Albuquerque Fiber Fiesta so to be able to see them again, even if for professional reasons, will be wonderful. It will be a project oriented class and I think we're doing a scarf with some of her wonderful yarns! I will definitely be writing about it, you can be sure of that. Good to hear from you! Stay wonderful and I will see you around either here on my blog or on Ravelry!



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