Teaberry Crescent

I have anxiously been awaiting the release of this shawl pattern for quite some time. I am so excited about it! Designed exclusively with and for Phydeaux Designs, Teaberry Crescent was released last night!!! The photos on the Ravelry pattern page belong to Phydeaux, the following are mine...

This is such a delicate and feminine shawl reminding me of summer garden parties, tea with friends and little cucumber sandwiches. It is made up of a garter stitch body, which highlights the beauty of the hand dyed yarn, followed by a dramatic wide lace edging. It is listed as an intermediate level project because of the lace edging. I am in love with this dainty shawl. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

I have finished the matchy matchy sweaters for my Fairy Goddaughter Alia and her older sister Savannah! I love these little gems and cannot wait to see them on the girls...

The pattern is 'In Threes: a baby cardigan" by Kelly Herdrich. It is wonderfully easy to make and there are a million different ways to jazz it up if you choose. I went with a nice deep red color from Knit Picks called Currant. It is their Shine Worsted which I have used for all the baby sweaters I have knit this year. These two sweaters were number 5 & 6 in the baby sweater department this year and I just love them! Here is a close up of the buttons I used for both of them...

I will share pics of the girls in them as soon as I have some!!

I have two more patterns I am working on now! I should be able to get them both released by the end of the year and I am really looking forward to watching them come to life. Last year I released 8 patterns which, for me, was a productive year. I was hoping to see that many or more this year but there were things that came before designing this year. I did a lot of baby and kid knitting this year. I had friends having babies and friends of friends having babies. It was wonderful! I loved knitting every single one of them. Plus, having surgery and being sick and in the hospital for a long time also took up time where I just wasn't knitting at all. If I get 5 or 6 patterns released this year I'll be happy. As soon as I have progress worth sharing I will show you pics!

With the holidays fast approaching we are already starting to get ready. Next up is Halloween!! Every year my Mom gifts my Aunt, whose favorite holiday is Halloween, a new Halloween decoration or something Halloween for the house. Last year it was a big black spider with moving legs and my Aunt loved it! Mom orders these gifts from a catalog that has nothing but Halloween stuff in it...and 
I cant remember the name of it. At any rate, while she was shopping for my Aunt she saw something that she felt she and I absolutely had to have. Halloween Fascinators!!! There were 4 or 5 to choose from and they were all wonderful. I chose the one with bats and Mom chose the one with spiders. Here's mine...

...and here's Moms with the spiders...

Aren't they fabulous!!?? We cannot wait to wear them! We will wear all black, I will make sure my hair is freshly colored red as to match the red fluffiness on mine, and we will wear these all day for Halloween. We will also wear them for Beggars night because the kids will love them! We get quite a few Trick-o-Treaters where we live so it will be a ton of fun! 

Be sure to check out Teaberry Crescent on Ravelry here. I hope you are all having a wonderful afternoon and are knitting away on your projects. I always love to hear what you're working on if you want to leave me some comments! 
Until next time...Knit On!!


  1. Have been searching for some bats. LOL Cute. I'm thinking of having a Halloween Party at my home. I found some cool wine glasses and stuff. And I have a pattern to knit cobwebs. Wait I have enough real ones. Kidding. I will knit the cobwebs.
    Wish you could come. Carol-Ann

    1. A Halloween Party sounds like a lot of fun! I havent been to one in YEARS! Probably since college. I am looking forward to seeing the kids reactions to our outfits and fascinators when they come for their treats!!!


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