Block Party !

Yesterday I did some blocking for Dilshani and Melanie. Here are the results. They are absolutely gorgeous! This first one is Dilshani's. I cant tell you the name of the pattern. I do know it is a Wooly Wonka Pattern and Wooly Wonka yarn. It was a special Gradient package of yarn that she used. She added yarn to it as well to be able to make it as big as it is. If you want to know the name of the shawl, let me know in the comments and I'll find out for you! This is one.big.shawl...

This next one is Melanie's. It has been a delight to see Melanie's knitting skills develop over time. I cant say that this was the greatest yarn she used because it bled color in the bath like nothing I've ever seen before. The water was BLACK. For several washes. Me and Mom did about 10 washed on it, including white vinegar, and finally got the water to grey. It was crazypants I tell ya. And it didn't affect the finished color of her shawl at all! At any rate...this is Melanie's. Again, I have no idea what the pattern is but the yarn was Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby Diva Sequin in the colorway Kathmandu...

I do love blocking. Its odd, I know. Most people don't understand how and why I like blocking the way I do. Its that "TAH DAH!!!!" moment that you get when you're all done knitting and all your hard work pays off. You get to see it, right before your eyes. I love it. There will be more blocking in the future. Mom's Cinnamon Stone is in a wash bath as we speak. We will block this before baking. I don't think we're going to get much Holiday baking done myself. I've been writing all morning, she's been on the computer all morning, then we stopped for lunch, then she put her shawl in for a soak while we eat, then we'll block her shawl, and then how much time will be left for baking?!! LOL.  I am writing this ahead of posting because I could this morning. You guys will see it Tuesday evening and its still Monday here. Which means there is Monday Night Stitch Group. At 5pm. Baking?! LOL....I'm not sure about it. And its not that I'm resistant to it but I just don't think there is much time. At any rate, I hope your knitting is coming along and you are all meeting your Holiday deadlines. I have only a couple to meet and should do it without a problem. So, knit, bake, prepare, and knit some until next time....Knit On!!!


  1. - that is the pattern. The yarn is by Wooly Wonka. Thank you sweet sweet sister for blocking this for me!!

  2. Thank you, Claudia... My shawlette is beautiful... Love you...


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