Diamante Crescent & the launch of Sexy Spines Vol.1 !

Good evening friends! Earlier this evening I released Diamante Crescent, a new crescent shaped shawl which is a part of my new eBook Sexy Spines Vol.1 ! I am very excited about these releases! This is my first eBook and it took a while to get it loaded...it was all new territory for me. At any rate, I will let the pictures speak for themselves....

This shawl was knit with MJ Yarns Opulent Fingering Weight yarn in the colorway 'Fire Dragon.' This shawl was almost named Velveteen because that's the way the yarn felt to me the entire time I was knitting with it. This was one of the most luscious Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blends I have ever worked with. And believe me, not all MCN is created equal. This was was nothing less than superb to work with. And the color. This colorway was amazing! I loved all the different layers of pink used to create this unique colorway. It was so rich. Honestly, it was so rich that I worried I might lose some of the color when soaking/washing the shawl prior to blocking. I used unscented Soak and a little Synthrapol in it to hopefully maintain the color. Imagine my surprise when I went to drain the water and it was crystal clear. I couldn't believe it. That says A LOT about the care and concern that Jonathan and his team make sure are taken care of when they are doing their thing and dyeing the yarn. Rarely do ever not have a little color run off...but this. This was so clear I was just amazed. I messaged Jonathan right away to let him know how impressed I was with this part of the process. If you can get your hands on some of MJ Yarns product, let alone their Opulent Fingering, you will be a happy camper I assure you! I am glad the work on this shawl is done because it means I could finally release the shawl to the public and also launch my first eBook. But I'm a little sad at the same time...because working with their yarn was pure joy!

Diamante Crescent can be found on Ravelry here and Sexy Spines Vol.1 can be found here

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday evening! Until next time...Knit On!


  1. Congratulations Claudia! I have admired all your designs for awhile. I especially love the crescents and I think it is time for me to attempt one. Hmmm....but which one??


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