Trunk Show Madness !!

 With the release of this summer's Knitter's Magazine I have had 2 wonderful trunk shows on back to back weekends here in New Mexico. I have lots of pictures to share! I have posted many on Facebook and Instagram but if you don't follow me there you'll see them here. 

My first show was on Saturday, August 6th in Santa Fe at Yarn & Coffee. If you're ever out this way, I highly recommend making sure that Yarn & Coffee is one of your stops. It is such a lovely shop full of all kinds of yarn goodness and notions galore! They also stock a very nice variety of Blue Q knitting bags and notion bags. They are all made from recycled material and are completely awesome! You can find their products online here if you don't have a retailer near you. Here is a pic of the one Mom bought the afternoon we were there for my trunk show...

I absolutely LOVE this Dia de Los Meurtos bag! And they're taking a selfie!! Too cool. I put the link for the shoppe above, go and check out their inventory! It is just full to the brim with luxury yarns galore. The owner of the shoppe, Deborah, is such a lovely person and has become a good friend.

The way the shoppe is set up, when you enter, the front section appears as though it was made for the sole purpose of having trunk shows. Its so perfect. When Deborah isn't hosting a trunk show its also the perfect place for knitters to sit and knit and socialize and enjoy any one of the nice beverages that Deborah has to offer to her customers. This front section is where we set up the trunk show....just like the one I had last October there I released my second eBook 'Sexy Spines Vol.2.'  Deborah ordered a stack of Knitter's Magazines so there would be plenty for those who wanted one. Here are pictures of the set up....

On the table we had samples of all my patterns for people to peruse along with my Vanilla Fingerless Mitts, my free pattern available on Ravelry, along with several other patterns displayed. The magazines were also here for people to see.

This is the newest design 'Crescent and Arch' which is on the cover of Knitter's Magazine. We wanted to showcase this one on the mannequin. I completely forgot to bring Lucy with me (my dress form mannequin). But with the dark dress it shows the design off very well. The yarn that I used for this version was an incredible blend of baby alpaca/silk/cashmere. I bought it from a dyer online, Sapphires Purls Yarn. It was an absolute dream to work with! We had this front and center so people saw it right when the walked in. The show was a really good one! There were a lot of people that came to see it. Friends from Albuquerque came up, I met new knitters in the Santa Fe community  and it was wonderful. I sold a lot of patterns, all the magazines were signed and sold, and the shoppe did very well too. It was a win win for everyone! This is me and Deborah, a fuzzy picture but us nonetheless...

Just look at that crochet top that Deborah is wearing! She designed it herself too. She is so talented! The day was definitely a successful one for both of us!

The trunk show the weekend that followed the above one was held on Saturday, August 13th at the Yarn Store at Nob Hill here in Albuquerque. This lovely little shoppe is centrally located in Albuquerque and is stuffed full of wonderful local and luxury yarns. If you are a knitter and making your way through this part of the country, the shoppe is not to be missed. They also sell needles and notions and knitting bags as well. It is a very welcoming shop to its patrons. Immediately to your right when you enter there is a large work table that you'll find knitters gathered around knitting and talking away. We were in the center part of the shoppe for the trunk show. We had a smaller space to work with but once it was all set up it looked really great! I was very pleased...

The above shawl is my pattern 'Teaberry Crescent' made by Celeste Nossiter. She did such a wonderful job with this combining two different yarns, one for the body and the other, a heavier weight yarn, for the border. I absolutely love it! 

My good friend Ahza Moore, co-author of the book "When Bad Things Happen To Good Knitters," came in to see my show and brought her knitting with her. She happened to be knitting my cover design in almost the same colors! She was working hers in a bit of a heavier weight yarn, in Noro Silk Garden I think. I love it! I think it really works! She stayed through the duration of my show, it was lovely. The show at Yarn Store at Nob Hill was also a very good show. Many people came out to see it. I had people that came to see that said "I follow you on your blog," or "I follow you on Facebook." It was really a great turnout. I sold many more patterns and we sold out of all the magazines by about 4pm. People came in looking for a signed copy and we had to redirect them to the Barnes and Noble at Coronado that we know had just recently received another shipment of Knitter's Magazine. The shoppe was packed with customers that day and the shoppe did well too. Another win win for both of us! 

After we ran out of the magazines, there were a few people that wanted me to sign my business card for them...LOL. I was happy to oblige. I also then ran out of the business cards I had with me. It was a good day!

The weekend wasn't over yet. Sunday I received a message from Cathy Books, the owner of Mooncat Fibers in Taos, New Mexico, to contact her at her shoppe. I gave her a call and she invited me to come and do a trunk show at her shoppe on September 29th, a Thursday evening, which leads into the the Taos Wool Festival that weekend. I was stunned and excited all at the same time! Of course I said yes. The teachers for the Taos Wool Festival will already be in town teaching their classes. I would love to see Franklin Habit, Galina Khmeleva, and Beth Brown-Reinsel come and see my show. That would be amazing! I'll be letting them know I'm there in case they want to wander on by. If you are in the area and have never been to the Taos Wool Festival, I highly recommend it! Its a very popular show in these parts. The vendors are fabulous and the food is incredible everywhere you go!

I finally finished my 'Be Simple Shawl' too. Its a freebie from Ravelry. I wanted something simple and easy to show off the gradient colorways of the Freia Ombre Lace I bought. It was perfect and with these colors, it'll go with a lot of things. 

Thats all the news from Albuquerque! I hope you are all doing well and knitting away on something beautiful. Drop me a comment below, I would love to know what you're knitting on! Until the next time...Knit On!


  1. Great show, Claudia! The yarn I'm using is actually Noro Shiraito, Color 31. It really matches the yarn you used for the cover shawl. I love knitting this pattern. Just can't put it down! Thanks for the design!

  2. Thank you so much Ahza! I'm so glad you're having just as much fun with it as I did designing it. It makes me smile to hear that you can't put it down!!!

    You are so very welcome!!



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