It's October Already ??

Hello Everyone! I truly hope that you have all been doing well and looking forward to the fall season just as much as I have. Its getting serious out there...Dad just turned off the swamp cooler for the season. I feel like I have so many things I want to share since my last post. I'm looking back at pictures to remind me about the things I want to share with you all! I'm just gonna go in order of how my pictures are in my MacBook.

My friend, the ever talented Katrina King of Ft. Collins CO, sent me this picture on Facebook one afternoon and I was so excited to see it out in the wild!

Mine is the cover of Knitter's Magazine and she has a pattern in Vintage Crochet. Katrina is so talented. Not only is she an extremely good knitter with several publications to her name, she is a wonderful crocheter as well. This pattern of hers is true testament to her talent. Check it out...

Just look at that beauty!! I've said it before and I'll say it again Katrina, its absolutely stunning. You are so very talented. I am so happy for all that you have accomplished in your career and I'm looking forward to all that's coming in the future!!! 

I have many goals I want to achieve and shortly, one of them is teaching. I have been toying around with the idea of teaching for quite some time now. But I have to really fight my nervousness in front of people that will truly be something I have to overcome. Believe it or not folks, I'm rather an introvert. When talking about my knitting it does seem a bit easier because its stuff I know very well. But to discuss it around strangers and people I don't know is difficult for me. I am going to bite the bullet and put a class together and start teaching though. I really think that teaching is where its at. My first class will be on knitting top-down crescent shaped shawls with knitted on borders. With the trunk shows that I have done, I have realized how many people are afraid of the increases in a top down shawl or the knitted on border and have expressed interest if there was a class available. So. That's my in. I just need to put it together. I'll keep kicking myself in the ass to get it done. 

At the end of August, I had the privilege of judging the Hand Knitting and the Machine Knitting Divisions at the New Mexico State Fair. Since my other partner who normally judges with was not available this year, my Mom clerked for me. She was fabulous. It took us 2 days and 10 1/2 hours to judge all the entries this years. There were more entries this year than last year and this is wonderful thing! The more the better I say! The more we are able to show off all the talent that is right here in the central New Mexico area the better. Certainly for the Powers That Be at the Fair who have been wanting to do away with the Creative Arts Division all together!! Here are some pics of us judging at the fair! 

Everything you see lying around in stacks were all the items we judged. There were 98 items in total. I judge the item and them write comments for every single one of them on the back on the entry card attached to the item. I probably take longer than other judges because I tend to write longer comments. Go figure. Once all the items were judged, some of the ladies from our Guild came to arrange them all nicely in the cases you see behind Mom. There were also cases across from Mom that you cannot see in this picture. They did such an amazing job with the arranging but unfortunately I didn't get any photographs of them all arranged. Trust me, it was BEAUTIFUL. They always do such a nice job. 

Next up on September 1st, I got another tattoo! Something that I had really been wanting for some time now. Its an antique pocket watch with 2 large chrysanthemums that are red/orange in color. Same colors as my yarn tattoo, obviously to stand outing match my hair. I know, I know. Who does that, right? Gets their tattoos to match their hair? Well, I do. I will be a red head until I die. At any rate, I went back and saw my buddy Orlando at Shades of Grey here in Albuquerque for the work. He is nothing less than amazing. He's such an amazing artist. Truly. And tattoos aren't all he does. His drawing and artwork of almost every medium is spectacular. He is always posting new drawings on Facebook for his fan club to see. He has also started a screen printing business wherein he screen prints his artwork onto t-shirts and kids clothing. Simply amazing. Here are the pics of the tattoo in progress...

This is all the black work done, and I am taking the pics in a mirror so everything is backwards...keep that in mind... The tattoo is on the outside of my right arm. I am keeping knitting tattoos, for the moment, all on one side. My next one will be another knitting tattoo. Or than mandalas I want. I haven't decided yet. LOL...tattoos are like that...

And the final pic showing the clock in the right direction...this one was taken by Orlando...

The only thing left to go on this is the chain. Now that it has healed, I am just waiting on my artist to squeeze me in somewhere when he can take care of it. I am in absolute love this. Then again, I feel that way about all my tattoos. They are all very personal to me in one way or another.

Mom took a very nice portrait of me for a friend of mine which has turned into the new picture that will be begin to appear on my patterns from here on out. I really like it. She's a good photographer, she made me look really good...

I'm wearing the most appropriate shirt too! Do more knitting as That's what makes us all happy, right?

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may already know about the rest of this but I'm going to share it anyway! I started a new pattern project. Its a scarf for a friend of mine who specifically asked for some of my knitting after seeing my work and what I did for Knitter' Magazine.  I was honored really, and he's a really good friend. It gave me the opportunity to design something I hadn't really done before...a nice textured man/unisex scarf. I picked a reversible knit purl pattern (I hate scarves with only one "good" side) and went to town. He told me what color of yarn he wanted and I went threw my stash and came up with this...

He really liked these colors, so do I...that why I have them, because they are like a denim blue. It will go with all kinds of things. Its Dream In Color Everlasting Sock in the color way Rain Cloud. So I swatched and started out a few times before I got exactly what I wanted. When I did, I went at it.

As of last night here's where it's at. I didn't think I would need the second skein but I think I am going to break into it to make sure its big enough. I don't have much left of the skein I'm working on. This scarf will definitely need a block too...but not too much because I don't want to lost the texture to it. But I absolutely love this. Its a wonderful simple little pattern that is east to memorize and keeps you on your toes. Its not boring by any stretch of the means.

This is the sole project I've been working on since I started it, I'm trying to get it done fast and  get the pattern out. I also have another shawl pattern I have in progress that I'm sure when I'll finish but its in'll be my last crescent shaped shawl for a while.

The yarn is really delicious. Its MJ Yarns Simple Sock (Corridale and Nylon) in the color way "Mice and Men" and I love it. It is squishibly soft and I love working with it. The colorway is accurate in pic #2 above. Very bronzy, gold and tan. Its just lovely.

The reason this is my last crescent shaped shawl for a while is because my next project is an eBook of 3 rectangular lace shawls. One in true lace weight, the other two are collaborations with Skein Yarn of Australia, and MJ Yarns of Colorado. These are yarns I love to work with and both Kristin of Skein and Jonathan of MJ Yarns support very much what I do. I'm very fortunate to have cultivated these relationships with such wonderful people. I am hoping to have the eBook out by the end of next spring. That's my goal anyway. Here is a pic of the Lace weight Malabrigo Silkpaca yarn in the colorway Zarzamora...

The Skein Yarn and MJ Yarns shawls will both be fingering weight shawls. Jonathan at MJ still has to dye my yarn for me, he'll ship it to me when its done and I'll share it when I have it. Skein Yarn has sent theirs. I chose the colorway Graphite and they sent it in their Merino Cashmere. It will be positively luscious!

To feel this is to feel what clouds must feel like. So light and airy. I just love it!

In the next couple of days I will blog more, there has been so much that has happened. The Taos Wool Festival came and went, I had a trunk show there (without me present) because of my health. Again. I will share that with you. And Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta has come and gone as well and I will share some fantastic photographs that some of my friends have taken. I got some far way pics but the close ups were all taken by friends who were on the grounds. And...I got a chance to meet the most talented and lovely JANE THORNLEY!!! I'll tell you all about that too!

I hope you all are doing well and getting into some fall knitting! It's starting to get chilly here in Albuquerque so we're dressing just a little warmer, wearing those shawls, and making thangs!  I apologize for my lack of posts but perhaps tomorrow it will make more sense. Again, if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you may already know all about it. Look for the next post by Wednesday this week. I love you all dearly. Until the next time...Knit On!


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