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 I want to talk a little bit about Facebook for a second. As good as Facebook is in bring people together it seems the sharing of information has become a little difficult in some instances. I belong to several of the knitting groups on Facebook, no need to mention any names, and follow new pattern releases, people looking for help and opinions, etc. I have been a regular contributor to these groups for some time now. When I complete a new pattern I post in these groups so that I can share with other knitters and people who may be interested in seeing what I'm doing. Judging by the number of likes and comments I get, my postings have been positively received. I also post in these groups when I make a new entry in my blog so that other knitters and interested parties can read it if they are interested in doing so. All of my posts have been well received with the exception of the other night. Two days before releasing Patina Crescent I made a post in one of these groups about my upcoming pattern and attached several pictures. I was contacted by one of the administrators and told that I could only make such postings in their secondary group, not the main group. She said that I was self promoting which was forbidden in the main group. I had questions for her about this such as what were the number of people belonging to the secondary group and whether or not I could suggest people join my group to get all the latest info on my stuff so that I don't post in the main group. She instantly got very rude and threatened to kick me out of the group all together! Then the next day she closed the comments section on my post all together. I messaged her privately a couple of times but she did not respond. I simply want to share with other knitters yet this is considered to be self promotion and is not allowed. I tried posting pictures of one of the shawls I blocked over the weekend, the pattern was mine, and I simply stated the pattern and the yarn used to make the pattern - a format used regularly by hundreds of other posters to the group - and it was left alone. When someone asks me what the pattern is (if they didn't catch it with the original post) I am unable to tell them. Please understand, if I don't respond to a comment asking me what the pattern is or where to find it its because I am not able to. I just hope someone else reading the comments goes to Ravelry and throws a link in the comments. This is done often, I just cant do it on my own stuff. It bugs me. It bugs me that I was threatened to be kicked out of the group. It bugs me that I can no longer share my stuff with an audience of over 14k. It bugs me that other people make and advertise that their items are for sale yet this is not considered self promotion to the same administrators. So please keep in mind, if you no longer see my presence in one particular group this is the reason why. I will continue to post patterns to their secondary page as I was told this is okay. But it still bugs me. As a means of keeping people connected and for sharing information its becoming more and more difficult to do just that. Okay, I'm done.

I am excited to be starting a new knitting adventure! I had been thinking about it quite some time but finally took the plunge. I am going to take, and have received the materials for, the Judges Correspondence Course through TKGA!! Currently there are only 6 certified TKGA knitting judges in the entire country. The instructor for this course is my friend Carol Singletary. She has been a knitting judge for many years and has judged many knitting fairs and events in New Mexico and Texas but is wanting to retire at some point in the future. While I could never fill her shoes, my goal is to take over her responsibilities for this area of the country. For starters, this would mean I would take over judging the knitting items at New Mexico State Fair and Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta. Having read over the syllabus I have my work cut out for me for sure! I am looking forward to getting started. I'll let you know how things are coming along.

In my last post I talked about blocking and how much I love it. People bring me their things to block because, well...I open my mouth to tell people how much I love it and I'm good at it too. Its something I'm very particular about because the process does so much for our knitted things. A few friends of mine have brought their things over to me for blocking. And a couple weeks ago I offered to block a shawl for a friend that was concerned about whether or not she would be happy with the shape when it was all said and done. I was sure I could get it to a shape she would like so I offered to take it and do it for her. Between all the blocking and photographing, and finishing a new pattern, I have been busy lately! I still have 2 more shawls to block but I wanted to share with you what I've done.I cant show you everything because I cant access some of the pictures at the moment. But I have quite a few. 

This first one is a shawl that my friend Melanie knit. You have to understand, Melanie is from the New Orleans area and is a die hard fan of anything and everything originating from the city. Every year she holds a Mardi Gras party with all the bells and whistles. A few months ago she attended a conference which was held in New Orleans. She went to the knitting shop The Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter in search of the Mardi Gras yarn dyed specifically for the shop by Malabrigo. I was gifted this same yarn by other friends of mine who took a trip to New Orleans last year which is how Melanie learned about this yarn. She found it!

The next items were knit by my friend Lori. A few months ago she brought over a bag with several things that needed blocking. I've had them for a long time but hadn't done anything with them. I was sick in May and June and in the hospital for a long time. I finally got around to getting most of it done because truly, I'm sure she wanted her stuff back!

My Mom finished a shawl of her own design, called Slices. It didn't require blocking but I did photograph it on Lucy...

Isn't is fabulous?!?! I am so proud of her! She is modifying this for the final design which will also be spectacular for sure. I also finally finished Sidney's Cornwall Coast. She has wanted one since I originally released the design around March of last year. Sorry it took so long Sidney! I hope you think it was worth the wait. It came out beautifully and I added the pics to the pattern page on Ravelry...

I am very happy with how all of these pieces turned out. I am doing another shawl tonight and the last shawl sometime this week and then all the stuff for my friends is done. Aunt Betty completed a Tameron very first design. We are all encouraging her to enter it in the State Fair. If she does we'll need to block that too. Tameron looks like this...

...with an edge that looks like this...

Still one of my favorites. It was my first design and it is the most difficult of all my patterns. It took Auntie a while to knit it. She is a known perfectionist so when it didn't look good to her she would pull out inches at a time and re-knit it. The shawl she is currently knitting, which is huge, she just yanked out 13 rows to re-knit it because she thought it looked like crap despite having followed the pattern to a tee. I think if she enters her Tameron she will take a blue ribbon on it for sure and it will be a contender for Best of Show. But that's just me and I am aunt and my pattern!

I hope you are all well and knitting away at something awesome! I would love to know what you are working on and if you're knitting anything for your local fairs this fall. I'll be back soon with more pictures and stories. Until then....Knit On!!!


  1. I love the beautiful shawls. Great colors!

  2. I REALLY NEED to know the name of the pattern that Melanie used for her shawl!!! Can you tell me who I can contact about the yarn that she used? We are frequent visitors of New Orleans and The Quarter Stitch is one of my favorite yarn shops. Small world!!!

    1. Marcia,

      The shawl is called Azzu's Shawl and the Ravelry link is:

      The yarn is sold exclusively through The Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter. It is by Malabrigo and is their Worsted yarn at, I believe, 210 yds per skein. The yarn is so popular that is sells out almost as soon as it comes in the door. Melanie said the best thing to do is to contact the store and let them know how much you need and ask them to set it aside for you when they get their next shipment. They can then either ship it to you or you can pick it up if you know you're going to be in the area.

      Hope this helps answer your questions! If there is anything else you need please feel free to let me know. I can be emailed at !! Have a wonderful evening!


    2. Thanks, Claudia!!! I sent a message to the store - I'm a frequent visitor! I am so glad that I found you on Facebook. You have been so helpful and I love, love, love your designs!!!


  3. Love the pictures.


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