The Wait Is Over...Downton Abbey Season 4 Is Here

This evening the wait it over. Downton Abbey Season 4 begins!
'Downton Abbey' series 4 cast photo
There is sure to be continued and new drama from the minute the episode unfolds given where Julian Fellowes left us at the end of Season 3. Matthew's death wasn't as much of a secret to many given his desire to leave the show which he had voiced in an interview somewhere at the beginning of Season 3. But Julian has a certain way of surprising us all. And its not just surprising us but its the way in which he does it. Season 4 leaves us with Mary no doubt mourning the loss of Matthew with a small tot who is the heir. Branson also has a small one and it will be interesting to see just how he and Lord Grantham navigate the day to day running of such a large estate. I don't know what this season has in store for Lady Edith but I cannot help but to root for her. I hope she finds 'uncomplicated' love but somehow I don't think 'uncomplicated' is Julian Fellowes way. Each scene has me waiting for the next words to come out of the mouth of the Dowager Countess....I love Maggie Smith. There is no one more perfect for this role than her. Julian has expertly written her role from her script to her bustle. No one can argue that the costuming in this show is among the best ever scene. And set at beautiful Highclere Castle. I cant even say 'Highclere Castle' anymore without getting completely jealous. My folks are going to England again this year and this trip is taking them to Highclere. I am so jealous...especially when my Mom often forgets the name of the castle! Grrrrr! But I digress. The show will never disappoint and that is because Julian Fellowes has written it. It will be fabulous until the last dialogue is spoken. The season will be no different. I am looking forward to the drama, the love, the stories of those downstairs...Mrs. Patmore, Carson and Mrs. Hughes. And how can we forget the proposal Daisy received at the end of last season? Will she leave Downton and go to the farm? I wonder if in this season we'll find out. Dripping with charm and intrigue, this is one of my all time favorite shows. Ever. And from everyone else that I talk to who watches Downton Abbey, most people feel the same way. So settle in, perhaps with a pot of tea, for what will no doubt be a fabulous 2 hour season premiere!

A little on the knitting side, my friend Roxane finished her Cornwall Coast which can be seen here on Ravelry. Cornwall Coast remains my most popular and best selling pattern. She wore it to our knitting guild meeting yesterday morning and asked if I wanted to photograph it on Lucy. Well, of course I did! Here are the pics from that shoot...

Pattern is Cornwall Coast and the yarn was Misti Alpaca lace weight, I do not know the colorway

Roxane, you did an amazing job with this. I have a lace weight version still on my needles here. I will hopefully finish it soon. But these colors are so fabulous. Hues of greys and pale versatile. I am thrilled with it. As a designer one of the things I enjoy the most is seeing other make my patterns and then seeing the finished products! Every one of them that I have seen in person has been just fabulous. Roxane's was no different. Its just beautiful. Thanks for letting me shoot it on Lucy!

I am already having an inner battle with my knitting and the New Year has just started. I have UFO's that I would really like to finish but I also want this year to be another good designing year for me. I would love to crank out just as many, if not more, designs than I did in 2013. But I also really want to finish my UFO's. Too bad I cannot afford to pay a contract knitter. Especially since I just met an awesome one at our Guild meeting yesterday who contract knits for a living. I'd like to think that I will eventually get to the point where I will be able to have contract knitters knit for me making my design process easier and faster!

Kona could care less about any of this excitement or my knitting...

Those of you watching Downton Abbey this evening, have a wonderful time and enjoy those 2 hours. I'll see you back here soon!


  1. A very quick and enjoyable 2 hours it was!!!


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