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So it's Superbowl weekend. The Big Game. Will you be knitting through the game or totally devoted to watching the Broncos win? I'll be knitting while watching probably. It seems I cannot watch TV without knitting. Hands doing nothing just seems...well, weird. If you don't knit, you probably don't understand this. I am finishing up the 1st of the 2 pairs of Burgundy fingerless mitts I'm making. Once I finish the 2nd pair I'll officially be done making fingerless mitts. I will have made 14 pairs since just before Christmas. I am going to write up the pattern and offer it as a freebie in my Ravelry shop. As soon as that's done I'll be able to turn my attention back to the 2 crescent shaped shawl projects on my needles currently. As soon as those are done I can start a long awaited rectangular shawl design. I have had the concept for this shawl for a long time and have been wanting to make it for a long time but have had other projects to tend to. I am really excited about it though!

Today was a meeting day for our Knitting Guild and it was such a great meeting! We had wonderful new faces there and it was so wonderful to meet these people. One person in particular, Dilshani, when I met her it was like meeting an old friend. She came as the guest of Kristy who was the one who did our program last month. (And what a fabulous program it was! Kristy is a contract knitter for many designers and knits up stuff faster than anyone I've ever met in my life). I believe Dilshani is joining Guild, as Kristy did today, so we'll all be able to see each other every month if not sooner at Tuesday Night Knitting. Sometimes you meet people and was just a matter of time before the intended crossing of your paths. It was like that with Kristy a month ago and it was like that when I met Dilshani today. We have all already connected on Ravelry and Facebook to stay in touch and follow what each of us is doing. Its so nice to see some younger folks, my generation and younger, joining Guild.

Mom finished her Ochre Cardigan and it looks fabulous!

Pattern is Ochre by Veera Valimaki knit with Mountain Colors colorway Sagebrush on size 6 needles

The closeup here shows that she closed her sweater with one of Sidney's incredible handmade pins...

Doesn't she look fabulous?! She wore it today for the first time to our Guild meeting and showed it off. And she has good reason to, its fabulous work!

We, in this house, are all looking forward to the game tomorrow. There will just be four of us here but we will be turning it all on....even got a cake for the occasion....and huge 1/2 sheet cake!

We are all supporting the Broncos here tomorrow. And generally, have been for about 7 yrs now. When I married Dave he became an Ohio State Buckeye fan and we became Denver Bronco fans for him. It worked both ways. Now that Dave and I are divorced (it was final on 12-20-13) we still support the Broncos and are ever so happy they made it into the Superbowl. We will be rooting for them full on. We will also be watching the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel before the game and during the halftime! Bruno Mars is doing the halftime show and since none of us really care about him we'll probably switch back to the Kitten Bowl for that. I cant wait for the National Anthem though, I have to say. It's being sang this year by Renee Fleming who is an Opera Singer. I cannot wait. Enough of these young pop tarts royally screwing up the National Anthem! She will get it right. She must get it right. I have faith that she will. And the commercials. There's always the commercials. Personally, I cant wait to see the new one from Budweiser with the puppy on the big screen. I am hoping that Subaru will unveil a new dog commercial tomorrow too, those have been fabulous. The one who could care less about the any of this?

This guy. In one of his famous "taxi cab" poses...KonaBear could care less about any of this...about the knitting, about the game, and even about Moms new sweater. He has his own agenda. He'll be present tomorrow for little bites here and there and his pets when he is ready! I hope you all have a wonderful time and are safe in your partying, if you are partying. I will be partying and by that I mean knitting. I'll see you back here in a few days...have fun!


  1. I really enjoyed meeting you today! I feel as if I met a kindred spirit today when I met you! Thanks for being willing to share your mom! :-)

    1. I definitely feel as though we are kindred spirits Dilshani! I am looking forward to having coffee and sharing more and more about mu own story with you :-)


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