Introducing Audrey Grace ...

Those who know me well know that I am a cat person. I haven't been without a cat in my life for 19 years. Since Losing Kona, I have felt a hollow emptiness inside that can only described as just that...emptiness. I havent had this feeling in 19 yrs....I knew it was time to take some action and today was the day. 

I'd been working on it for a few days now but my leads were getting me nowhere. The end of last week I responded to an online plea by a couple who had recently had a baby and due to allergy issues needed to re-home their long haired Siamese. I sent an email and called. I heard nothing until today and it was in response to my email stating that I would like to continue my search elsewhere if need be, I just would like to know. She apologized for not getting back to me but explained that she and her husband were having a difficult time giving away their cat. I total understand this, I cannot imagine being in a position of having to do this. I had a lead on 2 other declawed cats, one in Elephant Butte and the other in Las Cruces. One turned out to be an add that was 8 months old and the other, well, I missed it by 2 days. 

So today I took action. I called the Albuquerque Humane Society and asked for a list of their declawed kitties, I would like to come and visit and see who will come home with me. The woman on the other end of the phone said that she would get back to me with a list later in the afternoon. By about 1:30 I received a phone call back with a list cat. There were two but the 3 year old grey male had been adopted that morning. The other cat was a 7 year old cat who had been returned to them twice...her initial surrender and again yesterday and both times because she didnt get along with the other cats in the house. I hate to hear stories of animals who have been returned repeatedly. Breaks my heart. I got dressed and Mom and I immediately jumped in the car and loaded up on all the necessities at PetCo and then we headed to the Humane Society. The Main Campus of the Humane Society is under a bit of construction so we had to check in at one place, and go find the cats in another. Once we checked in, and truthfully the whole ride over there, I was praying that there would be some kind of connection with this cat. When we walked into the room with all the cats, she was right in front of us. Mom and I both went up to her window and started to talk to her. She got very excited and came down to the front of the window to greet us. This was a good sign! As soon as we found an official person there that could allow us to see her more closely, we got her out of her cage and took her into a private room where it was just Mom, me and this lovely cat. She began to purr right away....and drool. An even better sign. In talking to the woman there I found out there were a couple other declawed kitties there despite being told there was just this one. We looked at Magenta and Macy but in the back of my mind was this beautiful girl kitty they called Lilo. The whole time I kept telling myself and Mom the name would have to go. As fate would have it we were destined to bring her home.

Meet Audrey Grace... everybody!

I felt she was deserving of a name that would identify her with a couple of beautiful, elegant women as she herself is a beautiful, pretty girl cat. Since we've had her home we've been unable to get a picture of her. She is making continuous rounds. I'm pretty sure that she is checking to see if there is another cat in the house because to her, I'm sure it probably smells like there is. She knows where the litter box is and knows where her food is....the rest is all up to her. She is checking everything out and slinking around the house. She may not get alone with other cats but she is very loving and affectionate and they say she is a lap cat. She fell asleep on Mom while we were still at the Humane Society!

I am looking forward to all of the things that happen when you have a cat in the house again. I'm looking forward to really seeing her personality come out and learning more about her. Like whether or not she likes yarn and our projects and stuff like that. We have UFO's all over the place. They are all nicely tucked away but you know what I mean! I just wanted you all to meet her! She came into our lives rather quickly but none to soon for me. Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week! I'll see you back here soon, until then....Knit On!


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! I hope you have many happy years with her. BTW, I love her name.

    1. Thank you so much Lynne! She has such a wonderful and sweet personality and loves being the center of attention! I too am looking forward to many wonderful years with her!

  2. Kitty is so pretty! i miss mine,But i have Hunter my Lab and he plays with my yarn like a cat! Love having pets


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