I Can't Believe How Fast This Is Going !

The Crave Project is coming along so fast I can hardly believe it. Granted, I haven't been knitting on anything else since I started it. Well. I take that back. I finished another pair of baby socks but other than that this has been the only thing that I've really worked on. There are several things that are driving me at this point; the yarn is amazing, I'm in love with the design down the center back, and I haven't published a design since the end of last year. I finished Scottsdale and then the holidays hit and I went on a fingerless mitt craze that I still can't explain. I would link you to a post but there were a few of them around the end of 2013 and in January 2014 talking about this mitt problem. If you aren't familiar with it go back for a little fun and light reading. I still need to write that pattern up. But I digress. Here are pics of the Crave Project as its come along...

This last pic was from last night with 12 repeats of the center pattern completed. As of now, I am in the 13th. There will be a total of 14 before going into the border. I'm just in love with this pattern! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with it. The cabled faggoting will be worked into the border in some way. I'm not quite sure yet but that much I know. I've been in touch with Amor at Crave to let her know how fast this has gone - 7 days to be exact - and how much I'm in love with her yarn. I have some other business to attend to in a few days that will take me away from this shawl. I have 2 more Small Things Sweaters that I am going to make and I cannot wait to make those either. They are for very special people indeed, just like the first one. One I'll do right away since the baby is coming soon but the 2nd I have a little more time to work with. As soon as I finish the next sweater then I'll come back to this and the border.

Most of those who know me and know me well know how much I like to block finished pieces. I do it for friends who hate it or don't know how to do it well. I'm a big believer in the fact that good blocking will either make or break your finished item. I believe learning to block well is important. Dilshani had a couple shawls that were recently finished that she asked me to block for her. I was happy to do it because I love it. I'm not going to attempt to say that I am the best at it but because I love it so much I'm very anal about it. At any rate, I blocked a couple of Dilshani's shawls and I wanted to share the pictures with you all...

I love that stripe of green in this shawl. Its such a beautiful shade. I think its Malabrigo Rios in the colorway Lettuce. Either way, I love it! While I was blocking this was Audrey was making sure all was well with the second one...

  Now, here's the second one...

She did such a nice job knitting them that I really enjoyed giving them a good block! 

Yesterday afternoon Dilshani's son Kamal presented his senior project. Mom, Betty and I along with some other family friends were in attendance as Kamal gave his presentation on cancer. His grandmother, Dilshani's Mom, recently passed away on Sept 25, 2013 from colon cancer. As anyone who has been affected by cancer knows, it leaves a rather lasting impression. Kamal did a fantastic job and we were all thoroughly impressed! As some of you have asked, Dilshani's recovery is going slow. She has had issues with fever, fatigue, and general malaise that has not made her recovery very speedy or fun. The upside for me is that I have had a chance to spend a lot of time with her! I don't take it for granted because I know it comes at the expense of her not feeling well a majority of the time. In any event, here is a pic of us from Kamal's event yesterday...

And the catnip chili that Dilshani's family gifted to Audrey Grace has hardly left her side...

And I'll leave you with a final pic of Audrey looking oh so photogenic!

I hope you are all enjoying the end of your weekend! As for me, I will be watching the ACA's here as soon as I post this. Its recording now. I'll be knitting too, of course! Have a wonderful start to your week and I'll see you back here soon....until then, Knit On!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Dilshani's recovery is so slow going. Please give her my best. Glad to hear that Kamal did such a wonderful job. I will be looking forward to your mitt pattern as I have several skeins of Malabrigo that are calling to be made up into mitts.( And I need some quick, fun, easy knitting.) That Audrey sure is photogenic!

    1. Lynne, I will definitely let her know youve been thinking about her. She is also a regular reader of my blog so she'll see your comments! I really need to get the mitt pattern done. In fact, I may be able to finalize it soon by knitting another pair. A little birdie told me Dilshani's hubby would like a pair! The shawl will likely get done first though. I need to get another pattern out there!
      Miss and love you! There's always a chair for you on Tuesday night's :-)



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