"I feel like I've come home..."

It wasn't until last night when our beloved friend and the endlessly talented Galina Khmeleva spoke these words at dinner that I realized that all of the hard work, hours on the computer and a ton of emails sent back and forth was absolutely worth me taking on the position of our Knitting Guild's Program Director for a second year. Most of those who know me know that my health is not the greatest and quite frankly, I was really hoping someone else would step up and take the job. But no one did. So I reluctantly took it on for a second year knowing I was kinda already ahead in the game in that I had ideas for programs for the guild's previous year that never panned out. I still had places to go and people to talk to. We, as a guild, raised our annual dues in order to bring in more and better programs. And there was a collective understanding the the ladies also wanted a workshop. Already feeling overwhelmed at the job I decided to take on for another year, where was I to go for a good all day workshop? Who could we afford to bring in? We are a small guild of about 40 members. So I got to thinking...drumming my fingers...and then it occurred to me. Galina! Surely my good friend Galina would fit us into her busy schedule. She and her husband George live in Ft. Collins Colorado which, in terms of bringing in big names to do a workshop, is not that far. Its probably the best we could ask for. So I emailed her. She was delighted not only to hear from me but undoubtedly said yes. She would certainly fit us in. To them, the whole thing could be done in a weekend. We emailed back and forth for months putting this weekend together. Then there were the emails with the hotel that I was working with. Finally, workshop day was upon us. I was so excited to see Galina and George and yet nervous at the same time. It was going to be a very long day. 3 hours in the morning, a break for lunch, meet back up until 5:00pm and then we had dinner reservations at 6:00pm. One of the things I battle endlessly is being tired and fatigued. Its one of the side effects of my MCD. I was nervous because I was afraid I would just drop in the middle of it all. It was a real legitimate concern of mine. Before Mom and I went to the hotel we hit up a Starbucks. It was necessary, oh so necessary. A quad shot for me please, thank you. We got to the hotel and I saw Galina. We hugged and kissed each others cheek and said how good it was to see each other. I thanked her already for coming down. Most everyone else was there...and shopping! I emphasized early on to all the attendees that they would be bringing a ton of luscious yarns and sure enough, they were shopping! I came home with this...

It comes out looking a little like wine colored here but its a deep crimson red and I didn't have anything like this. And it was 800 yds of 50% cashmere and 50% silk. Its to die for. Its amazing! 
So the workshop began and went on with us all learning new things we hadn't known before, laughing in between and getting to know the people we were sitting next to if there was someone new there. Everyone there was in Guild with the exception of one person so everyone already new each other with the exception of a couple people. Sitting to my right was my best friend Dilshani. Sitting to her right was Laurie who she had not yet had the opportunity to really meet before so that was cool. They talked and told stories and......got in trouble! Like students in a class they almost needed to be separated! Made my heart smile. Then it was me and Dilshani later but no need to mention that. Yes, it was my fault. I have no shame. We have no shame...

 The classroom we were in was PERFECTLY sized for everyone. No one was squished or had too small a space. Galina had more than enough room to walk around in and could easily stop by and check our work...

 I was very happy with the meeting space and if we bring someone in like this again I would definitely go back there. Especially with the rates they gave us and Galina and George, but I digress. We broke for lunch and Mom and I and Auntie Betty and our friend Venetia took Galina to Flying Star for lunch. It was a wonderful lunch and we all sat around and talked and laughed and had a good time. We had just about enough time before we had to get back in the car and head back to the hotel for the afternoon portion of the workshop. During the afternoon we finished what we had all started in the morning and then we learned how to make our corners. Very exciting stuff indeed! If any of you have taken a class from Galina then you know exactly what I'm talk about. Before we knew it, it was 5:00pm. Everyone sort of lingered and did some more shopping and paid for what they had picked out earlier if they hadn't already. Mom and I and Galina and George had to get a move on as we had dinner reservations at 6:00pm at Nick & Jimmy's. Galina and I had margarita's after the long day...and I was having surgery in another 5 days so I felt a little justified! We all had wonderful dinners and spent the evening telling stories around the table and laughing. Then, in the middle of it all, Galina put her head on Betty's shoulder and giggled like a child and said "I feel like I've come home. I miss you guys so much." And that's when all of this hit me. Taking on the job of Program Director for our Knitting Guild was worth hearing Galina say that. Me having such a long day and being tired even before having dinner...was worth it. Everything was worth it to reunite with Galina and hear her speak those words...

So thank you Galina. Thank you for fitting us into your very busy schedule. I appreciate your friendship and you sharing your knowledge with us. I am so proud to be able to say that the first knitting class/workshop I ever took was from you. Who knows, maybe you'll see us in Estes Park this year since Taos seems to not only be pissing everyone off, they are losing all their decent vendors. We'll just have to wait and see. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you!


  1. So glad you had such a good time with Galina and her hubby! That was such a lovely thing she said about being home. I can see how it would resonate so deeply with you. Hope your surgery goes well!

    1. Thanks Lynne! We had such a wonderful time. And what she said really moved me. It meant a lot to me and was what caused this reflection. Thanks for the well wishes on my upcoming surgery!


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