Its Crunch Time...

Its crunch time folks. I don't know about you but I have been knitting like a mad woman. The mitts are done and wrapped and I've started the toe decreases on Dads socks so those will be done tonight or tomorrow. Definitely before Christmas. Aunt Betty's Shawl has been done but it needed blocking. I finally got that done yesterday so I could get it wrapped today. It blocked beautifully if I do say so myself...

Pattern is Morlynn Shawl by Alexandra Weidmayer knit with Silky Wool on US size 8

I couldn't wait to get a nice shot of her on Lucy before wrapping her up...

I'm thrilled with the outcome and I think Betty will really like her. Its nice to have this one totally done and wrapped along with the mitts. 

Some people think I'm crazy because I love to block. I really do. Blocking can be what makes or breaks your piece if you're entering it into a competition. Blocking can "fix" your minor mistakes if you have any. But above all, blocking is the "Tah Dah!!!" moment for your knitting. Everything you worked towards, all those hours of clicking needles.....blocking is where you show it all off a bit! I have a couple people I block for regularly, Aunt Betty and Melanie. Once Melanie understands how to block and does a few herself and gets the hang of it, she will be doing her own. But for now, there are pieces I still do for her. Like this stunning scarf she made for her Mom for Christmas. I just had to shoot it on Lucy once it was done blocking!

I have no idea what the yarn is, or the colorway or anything but it sure is pretty. Melanie is a lot like my friend Lisa....fearless. She's just fearless. She's dong more and more complicated things and its so awesome to watch!

If you are still in crunch time yourself, keep at it, I know you'll make your deadlines. And well, if you don't, it wont be the first time a Christmas gift has been wrapped and gifted with the needles still attached! Good Luck in your finishing!


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