Monday, December 16, 2013

O Tannenbaum !

The tree has been up for almost a week but this is the first time I've had a chance to blog about it or anything else. My next post will explain why I haven't been as consistent here as I'd like to have been! But the tree is up and the festivities are beginning. 

This is the time of year when tradition runs high. Now that I am back at my folks place I have been able to experience the start of the Holidays as I did when I was a kid which included going to get the family Christmas tree. From the time I was little until I was in my teens we always went as a family to get the tree. When I turned 14 or 15 Mom and I started a new tradition...we went to a local farm and cut the tree down ourselves. Mom and I have such fond memories of those years cutting down the tree and remembering all the landmarks that marked our path every year. But this year we went as a family and we figured it had to be at least 25 years or more (I'm aging myself here, I know) since we went as a family to get the tree and it was wonderful! 

The tree this year is about 9 ft and its gorgeous!

Every year we say its the best tree we've ever had, and it is. Kona seemed thoroughly unimpressed with the process...

We weren't sure exactly how he'd react to a big full size tree but as you can see, he could care less. We had to be careful not to step on him because he wasn't about to move. Decorating the tree also means getting out all the Christmas CD's and playing a few of our favorites while hanging ornaments. Top of the list for us are the Christmas Spirituals sung by Odetta. There's nothing like a little "Shout For Joy" to get you in the spirit! We know that whole CD from beginning to end, all the lyrics, all the riffs, its wonderful. And in the end...

I love how the lights reflect in the pretty. For years my folks put the Christmas tree in another part of the living room and ever since they moved it to the corner they cant figure out why it took them so long to put it there. It really is the best place for it to be, especially how it reflects in the windows. And when you wake up in the morning the sun shines on all the glass ornaments and makes little rainbows on the wall!

Now, onto the knitting....

Moms sock pattern knit with Fiesta Yarns Baby Boom Team Spirit or something like that on US size 2 circulars

Now, whats wrong with this picture? I'll tell you. It looks no different, or only slightly different, than the last picture I took of this sock. I need to get a move on with this...and fast. We are quickly running out of time to get Christmas stuff done if its not going to be attached to the needles when its wrapped. Which I've done before....we've all done that before. I did that last year. But 2 yrs to finish a pair of socks?? Uncalled for.

And this is not helping my cause....

Plain Jane mitts knit in Knit Picks City Tweed on US size 6 circulars

These are the fingerless mitts I cannot stop making. This is the third pair. These are for my Mom. She has to have figured this out...I already knit a pair for me, I knit a pair for my ex-husband, and now a third pair? She has to know they're for her....I'm knitting them right next to her. If anything, she may get one of them wrapped up so as I can finish Dads sock. Then I'll finish her mitts after Christmas.

How are you all doing with your Holiday Knitting? Are you making good progress and will your things be done on time? I cant possibly be the only one rushing my way to the finish line...

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