Just A Little Wilder Than Before ...

My friend Meredith is one of the most special, unique, and talented people I know. She is one of my dearest friends; she is caring and generous and loyal. And she is getting married today!

Meredith is a knitter, spinner and a most talented needle felting artist who has long been a member of our Tuesday Night Knitters even in her absence. Please go see her art here at Mousepants! While we are in Albuquerque, Meredith had moved back home to Ruidoso, NM. Though the geographical distance between us grew, she has never been far from anyone's thoughts. I learned about Meredith long before I ever met her. Because she belonged to the Tuesday Night Knitters, she had been friends with my Mom and my grandmother. I met Meredith at my grandmothers funeral where the knitters turned out in a crowd, all wearing knitted shawls in her honor. I was so nervous that day having to speak at the funeral that there isn't much I remember about that day. But I remember meeting Meredith. Over the years our own friendship has grown to something very special.

Meredith has been in Minnesota with her lovely fiance Ben. We spoke yesterday and the biggest thing she conveyed to me was how cold she was! So what do knitters do when our friends are in cold places without the added benefit of any knitted warmth? We send care packages of clothes including knitted sweaters and a shawl...

 I included my "Chicks with Sticks" sweatshirt, which she really needed to have, and several thermal shirts. What you don't see are the several pairs of hand knitted socks behind this pile. We love our Meredith!

Here is Meredith and Ben...who today become Mr. & Mrs. Ben Wilder

Aren't they a wonderfully cute couple?! I miss her dearly but I know she is in good hands with Ben. Mere, I love you to pieces and am so happy for you both. That you have found true happiness and a soul mate in Ben means the world to those of us who love you and care so much for you. I think its more than appropriate for you to be getting married on a Tuesday...its always been the most important day of the week for us! Cheers to you both, you'll have your package shortly!

That sleeve on Savannah's Sweater was bugging the shit out of me so I fixed it last night. I found I wasn't really able to continue with the body until that was done. I also frogged the 4 inches on the body that I screwed up so I'm headed in the right direction once again and with a corrected sleeve! Progress!


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