Sometimes all it takes is a finished sock...

1. Its Monday

2. Something was bound to happen. I have to frog about 4 inches of Savannah's Sweater because I did the increases under the arms totally wrong!

3. Sometimes it takes a finishing a sock just to keep you going. I actually finished it, and they match perfectly. Here's the evidence:

Plain socks, Mom's pattern. I think the yarn is Trekking but I'm not sure. Knit on 2 US size 2 circulars

4. Tonight is Stitch Group Night so the day can really only get better from here...

With my knitting mojo already wavering (see my recent posts) I really REALLY needed this finished sock to remind me that I still know how to knit. At least I know now that Jo and David will get their Christmas socks this year and that makes me feel a little better about having to rip out 4 inches of the body on Savannah's Sweater. Geesh. I don't know what went wrong. I must've forgotten how to read, comprehend, and then follow knitting instructions. !@$%&&*! This will be the second time I've ripped out...last time it was only 8 rows. Mom reminded this afternoon that just because I started on lace when I learned to knit doesn't necessarily mean I wont run into a few problems here and there with other projects. And of course she's right. So, I will frog with a vengeance and start the body over again. Last Tuesday when we were at our LYS, Village Wools, for the start of our Knit Night, I spotted the perfect buttons so I'll pick those up tomorrow night when I'm there again.

So, for me, all it takes is reaching the finish line on one project to keep me going on others. Sigh. Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...


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