The Zen Of It All

Should there be some unwritten rule somewhere that tells us knitters how many projects we can have going at one time? Cause I have a lot. And I want to start more. But...I have a stash of UFO's like some people have yarn. I'm not sure if its a completely healthy move to start more. I really have so many things I need, I mean, truly need to finish. There's Bettys shawl (which I can write about because she doesnt have a computer and will never read this), Sid's shawl, Melanie's shawl (which is lace), Lisa's shawl, Savannah's sweater (which I need to finish if the child is ever going to be able to wear it), an Angora scarf for myself which I really want to wear this winter along with matching fingerless mitts which have yet to be CO. I have about 7 other shawls just sitting in limbo and they can stay there for a while. There really isn't the need for those as much as the projects I'm doing for other people. I miss lace. So much of what I'm doing isnt lace and I miss it. 

Then there are my own design projects. I have one that is close to having the border started. I'm excited about it because its my first adventure into cables. I love the yarn, love the color, and I love the design. Its easy for me to be and stay in love with my own design projects. But all the other stuff I have going on...I've sort of fell out of love with and I dont know how to get back to the zen I was in when I started everything. I think maybe its because the balance is totally off....the balance of the projects I have that need finishing are all for other people and the UFO's that are just sitting are not. Maybe I should pull out some of the UFO's and start working on them again a bit. Maybe the zen will return with a little balance of what I'm working on. I'm not sure but I'm certainly open to suggestions.

I'm also guilty of more yarn and adding to my stash. That does NOT help my situation because all that makes me want to do it start something new. Usually a new design of some sort. Like my mother, I'm a bit of a color junkie. I see all these new wonderful fabulous colors together and I just want to work with them! Then my mind flashes back to my stash of UFO's and the things I really need to finish. What do you do when you feel you've lost your knitting zen for certain projects....ones that you really need to finish?

Kona hasnt lost his zen...

Too bad he can't offer up much advice other than being cute! Though if he had thumbs the possibilities would be limitless...


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