Moms Always Know Best...

So, yesterday when I was a little down on my knitting and feeling as though I'd lost a little of my mojo I talked to the smartest person in the world about such knitting things. My Mom. Moms know the answers to everything. Especially my Mom and especially about all things knitting related. She is a knitting, spinning, dyeing and designing genius. Surely there had been a few times where Mom had lost her zen, her knitting mojo. 

I have a lot of committed knitting going on right now, more than I ever have before and that's what has been wigging me out a bit. My own feelings that I have to get them all done right now. Mom has a few projects that she is doing for others but she does a very good job of balancing when she works on them. A little here and a little there, always making sure that her own knitting is always being worked on. This balance has worked well for her and has kept her mojo intact so she suggested I give it a try. There are a bunch of things I'd like to get done for Christmas but none of it really has to. I'd like to finish 5 shawls but that ain't gonna happen folks. So, keeping it in perspective I took inventory. Top of the list right now is Savannah's Sweater before she grows out of it, and a pair of socks I had TOTALLY forgotten about. I have taken to knitting socks for my in-laws for Christmas every year and last year they just didn't make it across the pond to England where they live. Jo's were finished (Jo is my Mother in-law) but her husband David's socks were left unfinished. This is how unfinished they were...

All I have left to really finish is the toe! This is sort of embarrassing. So next to Savannah's Sweater, these socks for my Father in-law David are next on the list. Mom suggested last night that I put the sweater down and work on the finishing these socks. There's nothing left to them really, plus its something new and small and with a finish line I can actually see. Next on the list is Betty's Shawl which was also supposed to be a Christmas gift last year and didn't make it. In between working on the sweater and the shawl I will work on other UFO's I haven't seen in a while & I am going to stop putting these self imposed deadlines on myself. All the projects I am doing for friends, they are not going anywhere and neither are my friends. They understand these things don't happen overnight. It may take a year. But in the end they'll have a little bit of me...and my mojo. 

Moms really do know best!


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